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Dear INFINITE.... ^^
Monday, June 3, 2013 • 4:00 PM • 0 comments

From INFINITE.....

Wow…. This is something I have to share…
- While preparing for this solo album, I feel it the most, the presence of members are really valuable to me.
- People always say we are too loud everywhere we go, this is the real talkative ^^
- Even we’re seeing each other everyday in the same dorm, but we still have a lot of to say.
- Talking to the members and finishing the day is becoming my daily routine too.
- We’re always together even to eat near the dorm, if one person is missing, we’ll call him “Come here quickly! Lets eat!”
- I feel less lonely during my solo album activity because the members are always beside me observing me. Especially when I filmed the MV, the members were there together (with me) until the dawn. I cant express how thankful I am.
- Dongsaengs!! I’m always thankful These last 4 years, from unknown relationship, we gathrered, like matching every piece of puzzles, one by one, and finally we made it into a perfect picture.
- As a leader, I always think of “it’s 7 people” instead of being first in Infinite.
- I’m lacking in many ways but thank you for always following me and trust me, lets be together, like always.
- The moment I shine the most, as Infinite. Lets try to shine even more in the future too! Dont forget that mind, lets continue to move forward!! Fighting!!
        ~ Sunggyu
Wow… Isn’t he an amazing leader?
‘I’m lacking in many ways but thank you for always following me and trust me, lets be together, like always.’
I love how his popularity is increasing, but he never fails to forget to mention the other members. He always expresses his love for his six younger brothers. He knows he is lacking (he is not lacking at all in my opinion!), but he’s thankful he has the support of the rest of INFINITE.
Truly phenomenal… <3
cr: infinite7soul

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