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Big hello earthling!and 안녕하세요 여러분과 안녕 K-POP 애호가 ! Make sure yourself a human and a K-POPERS..Everyone Is Welcomed :)~For A Simple Introduction = My Nickname Is YooNis MyungRa.. Kim Myungsoo's Sweetheart~ Sunggyu & Hoya's Jagiya~ Woohyun's Teddy Bear~ "Our name, Infinite (인피니트) , means ‘limitless’. We never put a restriction on our possibilities, and we will always improve." -Infinite :: 김성규 (Sunggyu.)- "When You Believe In Miracles...You Will Met Your Destiny" -YooNis MyungRa-


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Monday, June 9, 2014 • 5:40 PM • 0 comments
holla holla ^^ & 안녕하세요 요러분 ♡ its been a long time since i updated this blog~ my blog sure dusty right?? haha~ lately im too busy with exams and school..the 3 week examination is sure stressful XD but is all over now!! yeah~ ok back to the story~ as you all i celebrated one of the most meaningful event which is INFINITE 4TH ANNIVERSERY!! Yeah. for me its a meaningful day for me ^^ i'm an inspirit since 2012 and this is the second year !! sometimes i ask myself "why i'm not becoming infinite fan since 2010??" if i can turn back time...huhu~ like last year i'm doing fanart for infinite when their anniversery date comes..maybe people will think im crazy because doing such useless things but not crazy yet because i want to give my gratitude to infinite because since i became infinite fan..many things started to many things changed during the last 2 years with them..its all because of infinite and i think its not useless because from that i create memories..with infinite
Now...let me flashback to the years that i started to know infinite and the members ^^ LET'S GO!! 가자!! From immortal songs i know Sunggyu From gyu i know INFINITE From 인피니트 i know The Chaser From Music Bank i know INFINITE H and Hoya and started to stan INFINITE a little From shut up flower boy band i know L From Man In Love i know Dongwoo , Seongyeol and Sungjong /but at that time i confused on which is Seongyeol and Sungjong/ From Ranking king i know Woohyun And From all INFINITE variety shows and Man In Love era I started to stan INFINITE like crazy and becoming a real INSPIRITS..
The memories will not fade forever =') I also felt touched and teary when i read the members tweet..saying thanks to all inspirits who always be with infinite for 4 years..they also congrats for their 4th Anniversery ^^ its enough to make me cry..
They also make a self camera just for INSPIRITS!! Oh~ stop it!! My tears already rolling down =') oppa yah~ im so proud of you!! INFINITE 4th anniversary selfcamera:
MY LETTER TO INFINITE ♡ Dear 인피니트, 인피니트 오빠~나 1460 일 인스피릿 와 주셔서 감사합니다! 당신이 내 라스트 로미오 영원히 당신의 라스트 줄리엣 입니다! 인피니트 사랑하자!! 사랑해요 ♥♥ FROM :: 아니스 아티랗 / 김유라 I think this is the longest post~ haha.. i think that's all for now =) Also don't forget to hastag #4YearsWithInfinite #4랑해인피니트 #INFINITE4th #인피니트 in your tweets so that it will be trending in twitter ♡ the #인피니트 hastag is for the votes on ingkigayo so that INFINITE will get 1st place ^^ Bye guys ^^ Have a pleasent day ♡♡ 안녕 ☆ ∞ YooNis MyungRa ∞

Infinite Last Romeo Giveaway by Fiqa Nsz
Friday, May 16, 2014 • 9:45 PM • 0 comments
Infinite Last Romeo Giveaway by Fiqa Nsz
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